I am a semi/professional sports person can I get cover?

Sadly, not at this time, we can only cover amateurs.

I live outside of the UK can I purchase a policy from you?

Yes, we cover UK’s and German residents.

I sometimes coach or play overseas, can I include this?

Yes, you can add Worldwide cover so you’re protected abroad and unlike some other insurers our Worldwide cover includes USA and Canada.

What does the insurance scope and sports risk group mean?

All sports are grouped dependent on risk A-E (A being the lowest, E being the highest). Lower risk sports and activities include; Personal Training, Netball and Dance, and higher risk sports and activities include; American football, skiing and skateboarding. You can see a full list of sports covered by each risk group by viewing the Insurance Scope.

Do I have to take out an annual policy?

Yes, we only offer annual policies.

If I injure someone during a training session am I insured?

If your sport is a non-contact sport (tackles, throws and mauls are not permitted within the rules) you are covered as standard under your Public Liability cover. If your sport is a contact sport you will need to select the Participant to Participant Liability extension. In all cases you would need to be deemed the person liable for their injury.

If I cause damage to property, e.g. I hit the cricket ball through a car window, will I be insured?

Yes, the Public Liability element of your Insure4Sport policy would cover you. And there is no excess!

What is Public Liability and Professional Indemnity?

Public Liability insurance provides cover for claims made against you in respect of your legal liability to pay for third party bodily injury and/or damage to premises you are using. Professional Indemnity will provide cover for claims made against you arising from your legal liability for errors or mistakes in the advice or services you may provide or offer.

How much Public Liability insurance do I need to take out?

It depends where you need it for, some venues will insist on an ‘at least’ value.

Does the Professional Indemnity insurance cover online advice?

No, our indemnity insurance would cover face to face advice only. We cannot cover online tuition or fitness videos.

What does the Personal Accident insurance cover?

There are three different tiers you can choose from with differing levels of cover. Cover available includes death and disablement benefit, loss of limbs and sight, physio, hospitalisation, compensation for broken bones and emergency dental.

I would like to insure more than one person on the policy, is this possible?

Yes, Insure4Life specialist sports insurance policies are designed to offer you a more personalised insurance service. You can add an unlimited number of instructors, coaches or teams to your policy.

Can I instruct at home or in a public area e.g. park?

Yes, if your home has passed the relevant health and safety checks and is suitable for the exercises you are teaching. If you want to take classes in your garden, providing you have enough space and you have completed a risk assessment each time this would be acceptable.

To instruct in an outside area e.g. a park, you are required to carry out a risk assessment each time e.g. checking the ground is in a suitable condition and ensuring there are no obstacles/items in the way. You may be required to have a licence to instruct in certain parks, so always check who owns the space and whether you need a licence.

We are unable to cover pole dancing or pole fit if the sessions take place in a private residence.

Is there an age restriction on this policy?

We insure persons of any age however; there is limited benefit on Personal Accident for those under 18.

Is there any age restriction placed on the people I work with?

No, as long as you have the relevant qualification we can insure you.

Does the insurance allow me to work with pre and post-natal women?

Yes, subject to the activity not being against medical advice.

What is the participant ratio?

The coach to participant ratio varies depending on the sport you teach. Please check the Insurance Scope to see what the ratio is for your sport.

I teach sport to less able bodied people do I need to declare this with you?

No, you do not need to declare this when taking out a policy.

Can I give nutritional advice?

Only advice given as part of your Personal Trainer qualification.

Is sports equipment replaced on a new for old basis?

Yes, for items purchased which are less than a year old, subject to satisfactory proof of ownership. Items older than one year will be replaced on the indemnity value of that equipment at the time of loss or damage.

Do you offer credit facilities?

Yes, you can pay monthly on annual policies over £50 at no additional cost. Unlike some of our competitors, there is no additional cost for monthly payments. Our monthly payments are arranged through our partner Premium Credit Limited. You will be required to pay a 20% deposit and the remainder will be split over 9 equal monthly instalments.


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